A Very Low-Key Summer Checklist

What’s on your summer checklist? I’m excited for lazy summer weekends with nothing on the docket but listening for the ice-cream truck. Here are 10 laid-back things the boys and I are looking forward to…

1. Honestly, just knock around. “Tell me, what is it you plan to do / with your one wild and precious life?” wrote poet Mary Oliver. And she wasn’t talking about hard work; she was describing the joy of watching a grasshopper in the grass. So, take a minute to watch a grasshopper, or slooowwwwlllly eat an ice cream cone, or spot constellations in the night sky (or on the ceiling). That’s wild-and-precious-life stuff.

2. Take a shower in the dark. The other day, I woke up early and wasn’t ready for bright lights. So, I stepped into the shower in the dark and it felt spa-light and calming. Maybe next time I’ll light a candle.

3. Play a board game but make it interesting. Nine-year-old Anton loves the thrill of betting, so we play Dog Bingo for 50 cents each round. It makes me laugh how invested we get. Alternately, predict your future by playing M.A.S.H.